Why SA Is Great

For South Africans out there it seems silly to have to explain why South Africa is great, I mean have you been to South Africa? South African’s hold firm that we are the best country in the world by far and take great offence when you try to tell us otherwise. However, for those people who are not South African and need a little convincing as to why South Africa is great, here is all the convincing you need.

The Scenery – Where in the world can you find a mountain shaped like a table, a huge hole in a rock face wall, bushman paintings just outside of the city and endless awe-inspiring natural landscapes? South Africa’s scenery never ceases to amaze. From our mountainous regions to the endless wine vineyards, just by taking a short drive through our country you will be inspired.

The People  – Although Johannesburg has recently been named the 4th most unfriendly city in the world, South Africa also holds the most friendliest city in the world – Cape Town. This just attests to the fact that we South Africans are a lovely bunch of people. We are always armed with a smile and a greeting for both strangers and friends alike. We are a rainbow nation, so you can expect to meet all kinds of people upon your visit.

The Attractions – One of the most interesting things about South Africa is our history. We have a rich and vibrant history which has lent itself to many great tourist attractions. Just some of these being the Castle of Good Hope, the chain of Iziko Museums and the Holocaust Museum.

The Food and Wine – So after you have spent hours driving through our amazing scenery, met amazing people and been to some of our tourist attractions we know that you would be both hungry and thirsty. So that is why South Africa also has some of the best eateries, bars, breweries and wine farms in the world. Next time you are in the Western Cape region why not pop down to a wine farm and dip your toes into the wine culture of South Africa. Cape Town, Durban and Joburg also have some of the best eateries out there with gourmet and artisan fare.

So the next time you are choosing a world destination to visit, just remember that South Africa is great. What is even more, we have a bunch of great creative in Cape Town forming a part of a fun and ever-changing agency industry. Just one of these hubs of creative genius being Inrichmint Media, an agency for all your PR, eventing and media needs. Contact Inrichmint for all your marketing needs.

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