Whiskey Live Festival 2015

whiskeyWhiskey is extremely popular and enjoyed all over the world. The spirit is distilled from malted grain like barley or rye, typically aged in wooden casks, generally made of charred white oak. The majority of Whiskeys originate in Scotland. Specifically ‘Scotch Whiskey’ made in a way that is specified by law and can only be made only in Scotland and then exported to countries all over the world.

A stunning example of fine Scotch is the 60 year old Glenfarclas, with a strength of 46% abv, distilled in the Highlands of Scotland. It is a beautifully rare and desirable single malt whiskey. Only 360 bottles of this incredible malt were released in October 2014. This rich, mahogany beverage with a long finish and undertones of rich treacle alongside bitter coffee with delectable scents of demerara sugar and spice, is one of the rarest whiskey released by the J&G Grant Family distilleries.

The astounding Limited Edition Single Malt Scotch, Glen Grant 50 year old, 54.4% is a warm, golden brown malt with soft caramel and dried fruit flavours, with an undertone of sweet sherry and baked apples. It is again, another fine example of Scotch Whiskey, coming from Speyside, Scotland. This whiskey is liquid gold and only 150 bottles of this exclusive collectors item from Glen Grant Distillery will be released globally.

The Peat Monster is a light, golden amber Malt, distilled in Islay and Speyside in Scotland by Compass Box. The peaty, spicy aroma paired with a smoky bacon and long lingering taste, reminds one of sitting at a beach bonfire in summer. This 46% strength malt whiskey is aged between 10 and 16 years and is distributed throughout SA by Liquidity.

An amazing whiskey not to be missed if you are ever lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to try is Smokehead Single Malt Scotch direct from the small Scottish island of Islay. This double award winning malt, at 43% strength is an individual and unique malt that has a taste that is one to either love, or not love. The natural pale gold coloured whiskey has a tarry, medicinal, seaweed sent, traditional of whiskeys distilled in Islay. The rich smoky wood, intense peat embers glowing under a fruit stew is a whiskey that is sure to tantalise taste buds and divide opinions.


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