Where do you find your Authentic Self?

Cannon Beach, OregonAre in a situation at work where you find you are stressed all the time, worried that you are not performing as you should? Perhaps you have been through an emotional problem that has left you unsure of yourself and unable to see anything positive? Such things happen to all of us, for various reasons, which is why Integrative Life Coaching offers a series of programmes that aim to help people find the strengths within them, strengths they may not even be aware they have.

Founded by Warren Munitz, Integrative Life Coaching has helped many people find what Warren calls the ‘authentic self’. Warren’s journey began when he realised he was in need of change; he studied under the masters of many disciplines, and learned how to understand himself better. His experience inspired him to help others do the same, hence the foundation of Integrative Life Coaching. The authentic self lies within us all; it’s there waiting to emerge, and is the part of us that helps us to overcome the barriers modern life puts in front of us, and to use our skills to the best effect.

We all carry a level of emotional baggage that can weigh us down, and it is partly this that we need to overcome in order to move on in life. By working with Integrative Life Coaching you will begin to see how you can use the authentic self to move forward, understand what lies at the root of your anxiety and lack of confidence, and learn how to deal with situations that currently you find difficult. Whether you are looking for improvements un your leadership abilities or want to restore lost beliefs in yourself in other areas, Integrative Life Coaching can help. Why not get in touch right now and talk to us in more detail?

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