What Makes Great Pasta

Almost everyone in the world enjoys good Italian pasta. From Gnocchi to Penne, the varieties and options are endless when choosing what kind of pasta you enjoy most. However, although pasta is one of the most common food choices in the world, not everyone knows how to make really good pasta. Great pasta is a mixture of technique and simplicity. Burroso’s Too brings you some tips and tricks to making great pasta.

Simplicity – Any Italian will attest to the fact that great pasta has to be simple. A great pasta sauce only needs a few ingredients to shine. Over-complicating ingredients can ruin your dish, creating a mixture of flavours that can confuse the palate. Less is really more in this case.

Great Ingredients – The ingredients that you do choose to use should be of the highest quality.  Your ingredients become the star of a great pasta, there is nowhere to hide them. Therefore, your olive oil should be only the best while your tomatoes should be packed with great flavour. Cutting corners on your ingredients will only lead to lacklustre pasta that no one will be coming back for.

Technique – No matter what anyone tells you, great pasta should be cooked al dente. Nobody enjoys a slimy sloppy pile of pasta in a flavourless sauce. Although the rest of the world might not like our pasta as chalky as Italians, all pasta should be served al dente in order to truly make your pasta dish sing.  To ensure that all the flavours of the sauce adhere to the pasta noodles, we would recommend that once your noodles are cooked just enough you drain the water off of them and throw them in with your pasta sauce to cook for a minute or two. This will make your pasta dish really come together into one cohesive plate of Italian heaven.

However, for those of you who prefer eating the perfect pasta to cooking it, then BorrusoToo’s is the perfect place. We invite you, your friends and your family to join us for a great Italian dinner. We promise you some great Italian pasta cooked the way our ‘Nonna’ does it.


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