2 for 1 Weekly Specials

Raith Gourmet, Weekly SpecialsYou have just over two weeks to cash in on the fantastic specials that run daily at Raith Gourmet in High Constantia. With so many incredible dishes on a buy one get one free basis, how can you possibly miss it? Call up a friend and visit the High Constantia store today. Stop in at Raith Gourmet for a tasty lunch for two before going through to Groot Constantia for a wine tasting experience or during the December festive season. It is a great plan if you have an afternoon off and are looking for something special to do.

The day to day specials at Raith Gourmet in High Constantia are worth every cent and second spent in store. With only two weeks left for you to get to Raith Gourmet and enjoy a fantastic lunch for two and pay for one, get there today and revel in these absolutely delicious dishes. Simply choose your day according to the perfect lunch time meal you want to sink your teeth into. With options ranging from German-inspired dishes to a classic steak roll or the famous Raith Gourmet burgers, there is something tasty to choose on any given work day.

  • Monday Pork Belly
  • Tuesday Chicken or Pork Schnitzel
  • Wednesday Currywurst
  • Thursday Steak Roll
  • Friday Burger

This offer is valid until the 16th of October ahead of launching the new summer menu. All specials at Raith Gourmet High Constantia work on a buy one get one free basis. All specials are available from Monday to Friday in the restaurant for sit down online, no take away and not applicable for dinner. The relaxing, welcoming, cosy and comfortable deli has wifi and operates on the internationally acclaimed Lyoness loyalty point program, make your visit even more worthwhile and find out more about the program when you visit us and cash in.

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