This is the point at which we come to understand the true meaning of #HappyShopping in its rawest form, this is shopping for good. The team at BurnGear are dedicated to sourcing quality BurnGear for burners attending international Burningman events. Products are curated from handpicked traders the world over and delivered directly to your door. The online store, with a unique angle on charity fundraising, launched in July with plans for ongoing charity work while moving into the future. The store’s product range includes a selection of great BurnGear ideas including water concepts, wardrobe and costumes, storage, bulk buy gifting ideas, camping gear, lighting fun, solar equipment, and everything else in between… that’s within their reach. There are currently a couple of hundred products available to purchase via the store with new products being added daily with 5000 products selected for distribution.

A BurnPledge is a scaling amount from each product purchased via the BurnGear store is donated to the SOS Children’s Villages organisation in South Africa. The amount donated per product is predetermined and scales according to shipping costs, product value, markup margins, and overall cost of a product. The BurnPledge amount for each product is stated on all product pages under the specifications of the product you are looking to add to your cart. Every product has a different BurnPledge amount and it all adds up – every little bit really does count. BurnPledges start at an auto donation amount of R50 per product through to the Maximum BurnPledge of R1000 per product. With every product purchased via BurnGear, you are making a difference in the lives of those less privileged. What it comes down to is that the more you put in your cart, the more we are able to donate to SOS Children’s Villages (SA) at the end of the day. In cases of multiple products, the multiple donations from each product in your cart are combined and then automatically allocated to SOS Children’s Villages, South Africa.

Photo Credit: Ash Edmonds

The BurnGear FAQ Page is absolutely crammed with all the need-to-know details about shopping with BurnGear. Before placing your order and to ensure we’re on the same page, please, take the time to read our FAQ page for more information with regards to sizing, delivery by courier, and shipping terms. 


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