Torrini Firenze 1369


1369 Torrini Firenze

Going as far back as 1700, The Antica Manifattura Torrini works has it’s roots in the beautiful city of in Florence, where it is first recorded to have been operating as a goldsmiths workshop. Established by Francesco, born over the Ponte Vecchio, and gave way to a family of artists and sculptors whose heritage goes back pre 1369, the year the Ancient Trademark was first registered in Florence at the State Archive. The goldsmith or fine metalcrafter has always worked with passion and devotion. New technologies have brought with it the guarantee of even higher quality  craftsmanship and truer expression, bolstering the creative process.

Items in the Torrini collection are handmade in house at the workshop in Florence, designed for the Torrini Collection and each of them brings the Ancient Trademark, hallmarked for life.

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