Top 5 Tips for Travelling Abroad

Research Your Travel Destination: Check out what there is to do from the popular tourist attractions to the local favorites. There are some great forums, online communities, and platforms, and social networks where you can get news, reviews, and information about food, art, culture, nightlife, music, and what to see.

Check Your Exchange & Buying Power: This is all about exchange versus the cost of living. So, once you have exchanged your money for the currency you need, the question is: what can you buy? The best way to do this is to compare the cost of the basics like an average meal for two at a restaurant, a takeout burger, a cup of coffee.

Budget & Build a General Itinerary: Be flexible. Plan where to stay and where you will be for the first few days then allow yourself to be spontaneous to truly enjoy the travel experience. Make sure you budget properly so you don’t end up short and stuck for cash. Print out the important stuff, put it in a plastic sleeve and into your backpack. It comes in handy when you have your places of interest and details on paper.

Pack for a Reason & The Season: Take the seasons, weather, and general climate into consideration. Is it a seaside location with beaches and fun in the sun, is it the African bush, or is it a city experience? When you start packing ask yourself what you need on a regular or daily basis when it comes to anything else ask yourself if you truly need it before packing it into your backpack, handbag, man bag, or suitcase. You can buy most of your toiletries when you arrive at your destination. Unless you are on a shoe string there really is no need to travel with toiletries, if you don’t want your toiletries as keepsakes gift them when you are on your way back home.

Leave a Little Space in Your Case: With travelling comes shopping for trinkets, tokens, souvenirs, and thoughtful gifts for those back home. Leave space in your case when you depart from your home base for the things you want to buy whilst exploring. Don’t put yourself in the situation of having to choose between the new additions you bought during your travels and the favourites you brought along.

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