Time Out with Lady Bonin

Lady Bonin's Tea ParlourWoodstock one of Inrichmint’s preferred places to conduct business and network with all the amazing options for great coffee, chocolate, lunch, dinner, craft beer, fine foods and tea. Boutiques, galleries and studios are thriving in what is fast becoming the creative district of the Cape Town. One of our favourite choices for a little time out is Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour. It can never really be a quick cuppa as the mood always takes you and slowly one begins to unwind from the daily grind of the work week.

Lady Bonin first started selling her delicious delights from her famous turquoise caravan, and you can still find her trading at local food markets, outdoor festivals and food expos selling with her fine teas and beautiful wares. Today she also operates from her vibrant and exotic parlour in the Woodstock Exchange and has grown from a small selection of teas to a range of incredible stock, all with exciting stories and amazing healing properties. With choices including Strawberries and Cream, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Red Berries to Moroccan Mint and Earl Grey still with its beautiful purple flowers intact and simply adding to the magic that she provides.

Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour, WoodstockI have personally had the pleasure of knowing the lady herself for the past eight years, and what a truly amazing person she is. I forever find her friendly, warm and filled with so much light that it is difficult to miss how incredibly bright she shines. She is amazing and her tea really isn’t much different. Lady Bonin always greets you with a happy smile and is there to answer any questions you might have about her tasty teas or offer you something new and unique from her truly incredible menu.

The Lady Bonin travels the world in search of the best blends and pure loose leaf teas along with all the awesome paraphernalia that the tea world has to offer from metal tea balls to glass and cast iron pots that are truly fit for a king. All these fine smells, beautiful cups and delicate pieces make one feel like you’re stuck in the middle of a tale told of distant lands or a moment in time as you taste what can only be described as a heaven in a cup.

It’s almost as if you expect to see a lady in the corner reading tea leaves while another is reading a strangers palm, but it’s the friendly smiles and the best cup of tea in the city that you really go there for. It’s the perfect place for a time out.

Lady Bonin's Tea Parlour, Woodstock, Cape TownPhoto Credit: Jacqueline Freer

Written by Jacqueline Freer
Inrichmint Media Studios

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