The Week Canada Went All The Way

October 2018: This week Canada became the second country in the world and the first G7 nation to legalise recreational cannabis. With only a handful of exceptions, you can go pretty much anywhere in Canada and buy the legal product. Canada legalising cannabis for adult recreational use saw some amazing developments in cities and towns across the country with people standing in ques around the block to buy their first section of legal product.

The legalisation of cannabis has set the stage for a new industry that is expected to generate billions of dollars in revenue. Companies throughout Canada were quick to take advantage of the country going legal on Wednesday. The Friendly Stranger, a long-standing Toronto head shop, hosted a “wake and bake” breakfast and “end of prohibition” party while fashion house Ellie Mae Studios offered up cookies and custom rolling papers throughout the day.

According to CBC Canada, Ontario hit the market with 100,000 pot orders in the first 24 hours and a government-run online store says 12,000 orders came within the 1st hour after legalisation. It seems that Canadians loved their legal weed so much so, due to popular demand, and reported cases of non-delivery, that both storefronts and online stores alike ran out of stock on the first day of cannabis being legalised.

Not far ahead of Canada is South Africa who decriminalised cannabis and is reforming the applicable laws after a recent constitutional court ruling. South Africa is home to luxury online stores the likes of Head Industries. Canada and South Africa join the ranks along with Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, and Croatia. Although the constraints of the law vary in each of these countries, they form a part of a greater movement leading the way in changing how the world views cannabis while playing an active role in the process of ending prohibition.

Image Credit: Randy Risling/Toronto Star

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