Raith Gourmet Summer Menu

Lunch atop a Skyscraper, 1932The culinary arts are ever-evolving. Restaurant menus should constantly change and evolve to keep valued customers, regulars and visitors coming back for dishes that keep things interesting and provide and ever-present element of surprise. Spring has definitely sprung and summer is around the corner, with that the cheffing talents at Raith Gourmet are preparing to launch their new summer menu.

Most highly acclaimed international restaurants adopt a strategy of a minor reshuffle of their menu at least once a year and, where it works most effectively is, with the seasons. A chef’s kitchen is his canvas, embodying the concept of the culinary arts, and truly creative chefs shine through with their natural flair. It is highly recommended that you visit Raith Gourmet this summer season and put their new summer menu to the test.

Parts of the new Raith Gourmet summer menu will be included in the Dinner Service Live Series, a set of summer shows launching this November. To keep things fresh the team at Raith Gourmet keep menu ideas exciting, keeping their collective fingers on the pulse, staying up to date with the latest trends, staying informed about what is developing in the culinary world and understanding that the key is not only to keep talking to the locals but to welcome the opinion of visitors and tourists.

Raith Gourmet brings this range of weekly buy one get one free specials to an end in mid October ahead of launching the new summer season menu, and no doubt there will be a launch event to celebrate. Keep an eye open for the launch event that will give you the opportunity to test and taste the wares at Raith Gourmet in High Constantia.

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