The Raith Gourmet Deli

What has contributed so widely to the success of Raith Gourmet throughout the Western Cape has been our vast and varied selection of delectable cold meats, scrumptious French and Italian cheeses, German sausages as well as Barrel Saurkraut and mustards. Our Deli at Raith is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the local Capetonian market.

Famous for our wide selection of cold meats, we stock cuts such as ham, various cured meats, sausages, Bockwurst, Bierwurst, Bratwurst and salami; the likes of Bistro salami, Italian, Milanese, Windhoek Salami and a Raith Gourmet specialty Tipo Milano. All of our meats are sourced from only the best suppliers both locally and internationally – providing our patrons with the best produce available.

The cheese selection in our Deli is also nothing short of mouthwatering. With various imported cheeses from France and Italy such as Brie, Emmenthaler, Raclette, Gouda, Tilsiter, Smoked Cheese, Goats Cheese and Cambozola. The friendly deli staff will be more than happy to help you choose the right selection of cheese for you.

We also offer picnic services for those who are wanting to sample the best that the Deli has to offer in one of the utterly breathtaking picnic spots around Cape Town. Picnics must be ordered 24 hours in advance and customers have a choice of three selections; standard picnic, vegetarian picnic or a kiddies picnic for the little ones. The standard picnic includes a selection of deli cuts with German mustard, liver spread, cranberry jelly, Danish blue cheese, Huguenot & Camembert with fig preserve, bean salad, basil, tomato, mozzarella & olive salad, pesto, cream cheese, potato crisps, savory pastries, grapes or strawberries as well as breads, chocolate and macaroons. We also have a vegetarian picnic for those who are not meat eaters. The Vegetarian picnic includes the same items with the exception of the selection of deli cuts and liver spread.

Kiddies can also enjoy their own unique picnic including chicken schnitzel strips, tomato sauce; Chop Chop Salad, bread roll, a packet of crisps, sweet pastry, seasonal fruit, Haribo Jellies and juice.

Both our Standard and Vegetarian Picnic is R170.00 for one and R280.00 for two whilst our kiddies picnic is R120.00 per single. All of our picnics are packed in eco-friendly packaging as far as possible and we encourage all of our customers to throw away used packaging after their picnic.

The Deli also stocks imported German delicacies such as bread dumplings and various marmalade. Raith Gourmet can be found in both the Gardens Centre and High Constantia Village and is open 7 days a week.

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