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Woodstock Foundry Open StudiosInrichmint Media received an invitation to attend the Open Studios event at The Woodstock Foundry during October, and we are glad we accepted. I once again could see how talented people are in the Mother City, and in South Africa. The city does have a particular magic like no place on earth, and the cultural fusion only adds to its appeal. There is no doubt that Cape Town is filled with some of the most awesome creative and innovative minds in the world.

It was an evening that was well worth the time and filled with a cocktail of goodness made up of the finest craft beers and the discovery of locally brewed alcoholic ginger beer and pomegranate. Good house music and Hendricks Gin & Tonics where the order of the evening with a side of serving the most gorgeous orchids in bloom accompanied with the most beautiful perfume from the onsite florist, Opus.

We were granted and a look inside a working foundry and had the opportunity to see work in progress and sculptures completed as commissions for private clients displayed on work benches around the studio. The contemporary art found on the floor of the gallery were quite awesome and the jewellery pieces unique. The centre courtyard showcases amazing sculptures from the creative talents found at The Woodstock Foundry. The name is taken from the Bronze Age Foundry with the studio and gallery showcasing incredible metal work.

The Woodstock Foundry, Cape TownEven the walls were covered in amazing spreads and visual pleasure. Urban art pieces of the best graffiti in the city of Cape Town stretches around from one end of The Foundry to the other. Tribe Coffee at The Woodstock Foundry opened its doors to the public offering insight into what goes on behind the scenes of this well-known local favourite. The walls are home to an amazing horizontal garden and a window box veggie garden layered along a wall adorning awesome artwork.

Smart Art was another discovery on the night, and a welcome one at that. They produce printed fabrics and large scale print in the form of wall papers and other amazingly creative work. Their showroom really does give you an idea of what is possible with fabrics and print in design and décor, with technology so much is possible and Smart Art at The Woodstock Foundry really seems to be at the top of their game. It’s a power combination of quality products, the right use of colour and incredibly awesome design skills.

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Freer

Written by Jacqueline Freer
Inrichmint Media Studios

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