The Lyoness at Raith

We are so excited to be a certified Loyalty Merchant of the Lyoness Programme. Now all Raith Gourmet shoppers will get the chance to earn points whilst shopping at both our Gardens store as well as our High Constantia store.

The Lyoness programme was established in 2003 and is now active with roughly 1000 employees in 46 international markets. Currently the programme has 4 million members. Members receive exclusive shopping benefits, such as up to 5% Cashback with every purchase as well as the opportunity to earn special benefits when becoming a loyal shopper in a specific store.

Within Cape Town there are a host of various establishments apart of the programme, placing Raith Gourmet in the middle of a vibrant network of rewards. You can now sign up with the programme in store and use your shopping card with every shop. Shopping with Lyoness also allows both us and our customers to give back through the Lyoness Foundation projects all over the world.

We have had some great feedback on our programme and although we are still busy incorporating it into our main point of sale system; customers have been earning shopping points daily.

Sign up with the Lyoness programme the next time you pop in store to have your chance at earning some great rewards and Cashback bonuses. Keep an eye out on our Raith Gourmet Facebook pages for updated information on the Lyoness Rewards programme.


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