The Life Coaching App

In the Life Coaching industry we have come across a crucial gap in the market which we have sought to fill through our innovative life coaching app, The Time Creator. The app is for those who are wanting to start life coaching sessions immediately and is used as a supportive tool in the Integrative life coaching process. It is for those who need that extra support in between coaching sessions.

The Time Creator was designed for Life Coaching, Stress Management, Self-Therapeutic processes, Personal Development and Self Awareness. However, its applications and uses are endless. Users are able to setup predefined times or use it whenever you feel the need to reflect, relax and de-stress.

The processes of the app require that users find a quiet place during their daily routines where they can focus on the instructions and questions given without outside disturbances.

The reflective process involved with the app will help users identify, acknowledge and integrate unconscious thought processes. By applying the app and its processes to your daily life you will be aligning yourself more and more with your authentic nature, your true inner self.

Each session with the app will begin and end with asking you your stress levels and current state of being. Your progress will be monitored graphically on the stats page. You can then also email your stats to your psychologist or life coach.

To find out more about the app then head to the app page. You can also feel free to contact us directly for more information should you wish to do so.



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