The Launch of D-Core Art & Soul Design

Launching under the Core umbrella, D-Core Art & Soul Design is proud to bring in some of the most exciting European contemporary & decorative art pieces from our exclusive supplier, the Cobra Art Company as well as IG Walmsley. The aim with our unique and exclusive range of art pieces is to enhance your space, creating a unique ambiance.

Situated in Kramerville, Johannesburg, the D-Core showroom will showcase exceptional pieces featuring designs using international award winning photographers and artists. The D-Core product is printed on refined Plexiglas as well as brushed Aluminium, thus creating a unique and inspiring product whilst maintaining affordability. The pieces are constantly updated, creating an exciting showroom experience.

We pride ourselves on bringing in a vast range of designed pieces, appealing to different clientele. From the sultry imagery such as what has now become highly commercialized through feature films such as Fifty Shades of Grey, to spectacular wildlife photography capturing nature at its best. The pieces can be used in any environment and space.

Amongst the Cobra artists you’ll find photographers the likes of James Chiew, John Marcus Cluderay, Elmar Dam, Damien Dargenio, Alain Delvoye, Oscar Munar, and Patrick Siemens amongst many others. Each artist is commissioned by the Cobra Art Company, thus making their pictures exclusive their brand.

 D-Core has been appointed as an exclusive distributor for both International Graphics from Germany as well as Cobra Art from Holland and is excited to be bringing these art pieces to the South African market at a reasonable price. For more information on the art pieces, their costing and availability then please contact the D-Core head office at +27 21 468 8800.





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