The Ladies at Blink Photography

004_Amidst the hustle and bustle, camera flashes and world travelling that the year end brings for the Blink ladies, Kristina and Annemieke sat down to give inPRess Magazine an insight into who they are and what they do at Blink Photography.

Having started only a year and a half ago, Blink Photography has been growing from strength to strength. Co-founded by Kristina Stojiljkovic and Annemieke Goldswain-Hein, the ladies that form Blink Photography are known for their nuanced and artistic photographic style. Working as a team, each lady brings with her her own niche skill set. Annemieke started her photographic career studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art Photography and so finds that her passion and skills lie in that sphere. Whilst Kristina has a vast amount of talent and experience in advertorial and lifestyle shooting as well as a deep love for photojournalism.

005_Both Kristina and Annemieke found their passion through travel as young ladies. Kristina was born in Serbia and has lived in Croatia, Germany, Austria and England with her current city being Cape Town. She finds inspiration in Cape Town, the people in it and the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Travelling as a young girl, Kristina found her passion through her film camera on which she took black and white photo’s of the people of the places that she went too as a way of capturing her own special moments in time. Her focus lies in commissions for advertising and magazines and is a regular contributor to Italian Collezoine, German and French Beaute, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Rooi Rose, GQ, Mens Health, Women’s Health amongst others. Her advertising campaigns include commissions for the likes of Green Cross, Foschini, Woolworths, Bio Oil, Jet and Edgars.

009_Annemieke was born and raised in Holland, but spent most of her twenties travelling extensively throughout Australia, Asia and Central America and living in Amsterdam, Central London and Brighton. Three years ago she moved to Cape Town where she now resides with her husband and two children. She grew up in a creative environment with a highly visual mind, lending well to her career in photography. What enchants her most about photography is the ability to capture a moment in time and the challenge of conveying a story in one single image. The diversity of each shoot and the amazing people that you meet along the way is simply a perk of the job. Among her accolades, Annemieke has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally and received many awards such as the London Photographic Portraiture Awards, Independent Photographer of the Year Award as well as the Guardian Media Award.

Blink was founded over a glass of wine, 021_as all good things are. The ladies met through a mutual friend and quickly realized their shared passion and drive. The idea behind Blink Photography was simply to follow their passion and bring others happiness through captured moments. As a team, the ladies have a diverse array of skills and talents. Since its conception, Blink Photography has captured a number of gorgeous weddings and projects as well as being featured in a couple of international blogs.

In the near future the ladies see Blink strengthening its wedding, fine art and advertorial photography. Both Kristina and Annemieke love experimenting through photography and are always open to new and interesting projects.

Head over to the Blink Photography website to have a look at their portfolio as well as some of the magazines that they have been featured in. Do not hesitate to contact the ladies at Blink Photography.

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