The Blend – Soup & Coffee Specials

womancoffeeAt The Blend, 79 Roeland Street, Cape Town, they believe in hearty, healthy foods, especially during the colder months. So, The Blend are running a Soup Special through the winter. At just R35 for veg soup and R45 for meat and veg soup, made fresh with the finest ingredients, it really is a delightful special that not only warms you up, it is also quick, healthy and doesn’t break the bank. Just one of the traditional soups available is pea and bacon, sure to be a favourite to many of the visitors of The Blend. Also a great winter warmer is their chicken veg and barley soup, full with a good dose of nutrients to help keep those winter bugs at bay. Other, more non-traditional soups include butternut and coconut, sure to exited your taste buds with the exotic flavours or their cabbage and chorizo soup for the adventurous that enjoy trying different types of flavour combinations that you may not put together at home. The soups change weekly, often with original flavours and combinations, more delicious than you can imagine until you have experienced it.

coffeeThe Blend have some of the most competitive and fair prices for high quality foods in the City Bowl of Cape Town, this is one of the reasons why the coffee house has quickly become exceptionally popular and is frequented regularly by the locals in the area.

Another reason locals enjoy visiting The Blend, not to mention the amazing vintage New York Vibe and friendly staff, is there loyalty card system. The coffee house has introduced a reward for their most loyal customers, buy nine coffees and receive your tenth one free. Now, for the business hours worker for example, this means if you go everyday, every second Friday you will receive your morning coffee for free. What better way to end a busy week and start the weekend with a free coffee?

If you are looking for a friendly place that is well established, has great value for money and has a fantastic menu, then why not try the award winning The Blend on Roeland Street? You will love it so much, you will soon have visited enough to get your free coffee.

Visit The Blend website for more information.

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