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breakfastThe Blend, on Roeland Street in Cape Town is well known for its stunning, healthy and unique food, coffees, juices and smoothies. The award winning coffee house has a large menu with delicious options for sit in, take away or even to have delivered straight to your desk.

Some of the phenomenal offerings are the breakfasts; if you are looking for a great start to the day, then look no further than The Blend’s breakfast menu.

There is something to suit everyone’s morning like the stunning Le French Toast – a generous serving of bread dipped in egg served with oven baked bacon and maple syrup – a sweet and filling start to your day. If you’re on the move and heading to the office, then the Croissant is a great choice, filled with gypsy ham, cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard and rocket. Or you could try the breakfast wrap, stuffed with everything you could want of a morning – oven baked bacon topped with scrambled egg, sautéed mushrooms, rosemary, thyme, tomato and rocket – delicious and flavoursome.

If you are not a big eater and you are looking for something nice and small to start your day, the Little Breakie is a great choice, 2 eggs with oven baked bacon served with toast, this Little Breakie won’t leave you feeling too full before a busy day.

The Blend Fry Up is a great choice for those who like a good feed to start the day – 2 eggs, oven baked bacon, pork sausage, grilled tomatoes and beans, so good you will be tempted to lick your plate. Or you could try The Blend’s stunning Bacon Omelette – 3 eggs, cheese, tomato, sautéed mushrooms served with rosemary, thyme and rocket with a choice of bacon, chorizo or ham – sure to leave you with a full stomach, ready and raring for the day ahead.

Something great for the flavour seekers is The Blend’s Huevos Rancheros – beans and bacon on toast topped with fried egg, served with rocket, tomato and chilli.

The Blend even caters for those who aren’t big on cooked breakfasts or are on a bit of a health kick – muesli served with fresh fruit, cream and honey – delicious, yet nutritious.

If you are someone who loves to eat out or don’t feel like cooking breakfast yourself, then head to The Blend and let them whip you up an amazing breakfast and start your day the right way.

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