The Beer Drinking Culture

Over the centuries, beer has become one of the most beloved of drinks. Found in every pub, restaurant and bar almost everyone in the world has enjoyed a cold one in their lifetime. There are so many variations of this fine product with each country pioneering their own version of the frothy goodness that we here at Woodstock Brewery produce.

Cape Town itself has become a hub for Micro and Craft Breweries, creating the platform for a beer culture that is just as diverse as our own culture. Many craft breweries has taken great strands of beer such as you English Pale Ale, Indian Pale Ales, Pilsners and Amber Ales and called them their own , brewing them the best way possible to create some of the best beer in the Southern Hemisphere. Woodstock Brewery alone has adopted a Pilsner and a variety of Pale Ales into our repertoire as well as our fruity and light Witbier.

Around the world, the beer drinking culture takes on many forms. In Europe many beers are drunk by the tap in pubs and bars with food markets creating the platform for European microbreweries to showcase their beery delights. Of course, Germany is known for their feisty fraulien’s and some damn good beer while it is easy to picture the beery cheer in an English Pub.

Although today the beer culture has developed into a multi-dimensional and creative industry, it began hundreds of years ago with beer being one of the most common drinks during the medieval ages. Because of the poor water quality during in almost all European countries, beer was drunk as a water alternative to quench your thirst. Vikings believed that in heaven there would be a goat with beer filled udders providing them with unlimited beer for all eternity. We don’t know about you, but that does seem like heaven to us.

With the developments in the beer culture around the world, we cannot wait to see what will come next. To be a part of this exciting and growing industry has been magic and we love providing our fans with the great beer that you all have come to love. For those who would like to visit us at our brewery, taste our beers and meet our breweries please feel free to book a tour with us. For others who are too far away, keep an eye out for our stockists near you. With much frothy beery love, the Woodstock Brewery team.



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