The Art of Being You & Blending In

So often it is a case of presenting yourself one way at work, one way to your social circle, and one way at home with your partner, another with your children, and yet another with your parents. This is totally normal. It is when you need to shift your principles and when you need to move your moral compass in a different direction that it becomes unhealthy and where you are only going to create internal conflict with yourself. This is not blending in, this is self-sabotage, worse still it is weak, spineless, and untrustworthy.

People show different parts of themselves with different people. Learn to blend in with the world around you by applying the simple rule of always being yourself. The goal should be to put yourself in those awesome situations where blending in comes naturally and where you find yourself able to be you in order to fit right into your environment. The best place you can find yourself in is where you don’t have to play chameleon to fit in, where you can practice the art of being you and fitting in with ease and little effort, allowing yourself to be comfortable enough to be you.

It is commonplace in the workplace that employees are selected through the interview process by considering candidates based on a number of influencing factors including a culture fit. This is not forced, this is simply blending in and mixing with people you have things in common with and with whom you can operate on the same level. When it comes to relationships and meeting a person you connect with, again it would be a case of common ground, of meeting each other in a space where you blend well. Another example of blending well can be seen with groups of friends that adopt each other’s slang, sense of fashion, shared interests, and mannerisms.

Sometimes we adopt the skills of a chameleon, but, living your best life is about being you. Make a conscious choice to put yourself in situations where you are able to blend in by being yourself. Find people with whom you have common ground. Take the job at a company where you connect with your colleagues, management, and team. Try being the same person with all people and not changing according to what you think they want you to be, then blending in with the world around you is easy.

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