Taking Risks & Making Choices

How do we know if we are making choices that are right for our careers, families, or relationships with friends, colleagues, and clients? What practical steps can we take when we are we’re confronted with difficult decisions?

Calculate your risks before making a choice: We are presented with choices and risks on a daily basis. Taking risks and making choices work on the basic principle of cause and effect. Calculated risks are the best kind of risks to take.

Never compromise your personal principles: A choice going against your principles will more than likely only cause internal conflict for you and you will never truly be happy with the decision you have made. If making a choice means compromising your personal values and principles, then it is simply not worth the risk.

Put a value on your promises and keep your word: It is as simple as “your word is your bond.”. Do what you say you are going to do and to the best of your ability. It just is not good enough to take something on halfway, don’t waste your time or the time of others by semi committing. What you’re doing when semi committing is making the wrong choice for yourself and those around you.

Consider the consequences of your actions: Will you need to damage control the situation, and what kind of damage control are you going to need to do?

Think about who you are affecting in the process: Hurting others around you with malice, resentment, and ego-driven behaviour serves no one including yourself.

Check that your actions are justifiable and constructive: Before making choices ensure that you can justify your actions and that your actions are constructive both in your life and the world around you.

Make sure your decision is good for you as a human: Perform a quick check and ask yourself what the best and worst case scenario are and how your decision will impact your life and the lives of those around you?

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