SpaceBiz Training Kick Start

10501707_945111742167632_6942137543898717683_nThe team at SPACEbiz realised a definite need in the hospitality industry for a definitive and all inclusive point of sale software that is more than just a front of house till, and they sought and achieved this in building the amazing SPACEbiz software for our clients.

Now, we have realised a need for some crash courses for our clients on how to fully implement our software and use it to its fullest potential.

The introductory course we now offer, “Using What You Have”, presents a full overview of the SPACEbiz software and systems and covers an array of issues you may be experiencing.

This is now included in the initial purchase of the software for new clients, as that is how vital it is in fully implementing the SPACEbiz software. This course offers owners and managers the opportunity to fully understand what SPACEbiz is and what it can do for your business.

In this course, which is completed over half a day with our extremely knowledgeable consultant, will start with tackling your database and covers everything you need to know about your database management. Starting with the initial setup of the database and how to input your information correctly, we offer step by step information for your delegate to best understand the method needed for the ultimate outcome.

From there we would move on to customizing the SPACEbiz software to best suit your business. You can truly tailor make your SPACEbiz experience for your business, as what a restaurant might need a boutique may not, and we have taken this into consideration for our clients and created software that is versatile and can be used in many industries.

To tackle something that may be rather daunting to some, we will teach your delegates how to manage your hardware in the most efficient way and also cover any troubleshooting they could implement in case of emergency.

Lastly this course addresses a big issue – errors. We will teach you, how to accurately report on these errors, the procedures that are best to take when resolving this issues and most importantly how to fix these errors timeously.

With this introductory course we aim to inform our clients of the information they are able to get out of SpaceBiz and how to implement SPACEbiz into their business to get maximum results.

Contact SPACEbiz today to book your spot in the course and get informed.

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