Self Discovery and the Unconscious Mind

inpressSelf Discovery and the Unconscious Mind2Ask yourself a simple question: how well do you actually know yourself? You’re probably thinking you know you pretty well, but what about the authentic you? This is the ‘you’ that is inside you, waiting to be unleashed, the one that needs to be set free so that you can attain your true potential; it’s there inside all of us, but very few of us take the time to bring it to the fore. Why is this? Quite simply, we are not taught to: imagine if you were not taught arithmetic – you would not know how to add, subtract, or multiply.

Understanding how both the conscious and unconscious mind work is part of the journey that Warren Munitz, of Integrative Life Coaching in Cape Town, will help you embark upon; having taken the journey himself and learned a great deal about how to move forward, he is happy to impart his knowledge and experience to others, and will help you achieve your aims and goals in terms of your professional and personal life. He will do so by teaching you to deal with your negative emotions in the correct fashion, and to understand why your unconscious mind is so important to integrate.

The mind is complex and needs plenty of understanding, and Integrative Life Coaching will take you through the process of reaching into the inner self and bringing it to the fore. It is not an instant, quick fix; it’s a journey that will take some time, and one that Warren will be happy to work with you on. Whatever area of your life you feel the need to improve upon Warren can help, and he does so with a friendly and professional approach, Get in touch now, and learn how to get the best out of your life.

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