Sapori Siena 1832


1832 Sapori Siena

Sapori Siena 1832 is one of Italy’s oldest patisserie brands. It dates back to 1832 when Dr Virgilio Sapori established a little pastry shop in Siena making the town’s traditional Panforte. Nearly two centuries have passed since that little pastry shop first opened its doors. Two hundred years of constant improvement to keep alive the finest traditions of Tuscany’s sweet bakery products – such as Panforte, Ricciarelli, Cavallucci and Cantuccini – and transfer them to new, delicious forms of fine patisserie for everyday enjoyment. Colussi Group took over the Sapori Siena 1832 brand in 2004 taking the brand to even higher heights.

Sapori Siena is popular for their perfect confectionery and sweet treats that keep customers coming back from more, as they have for centuries and will for more to come.

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