Rezonance Return Welcoming 2012

Every year we gather by the thousands and millions more around the planet, in celebration of another year past while welcoming the new. For the second year running we found ourselves at Contermans Kloof for a New Year shindig; the word hardly does the weekend any justice.

We arrived on the 30th, a full day before the big bash. The sun was doing its best and the heat was on as we tried to unload the car to carry bedding, tents and pieces about half a mile in the blazing midday heat. We were amazed at the amount of party people who had begun to gather prior to New Year’s Eve, everyone in high spirits and ready for a long weekend of outdoor fun.

As the sun set on another gorgeous African afternoon in an incredible place, we made a move down to the techno dub fest arena where we found some cocktails, the perfect addition to a good sun downer session. Pina Coladas, Strawberry Daiquiris, Mojitos and Margaritas helped cool down the last of the day’s heat as the welcome wind came up and blew through the camps, dropping to a more bearable temperature.

The general consensus in our little section of the Contermans Kloof camp was to take it easy that evening so we stuck to some homemade milkshake shots laced with the likes of vodka and milk chocolate. We took a stroll around and were close enough to the dance floor, as were most people, to hear the evening’s beats come in. We took a walk around the stalls, chatting to the traders before ordering a meal for the night, a shwarma or a burger would do us just fine.

New Year’s eve began with the hot morning and with this we sent the troops back to town to purchase a gazebo in order to effectively deal with the unbearable heat and in additional return with much needed bags of ice to go with drinks for the rest of the afternoon and not to mention the need to put the bubbles on ice for the evenings celebrations. The last preparations were being put in place on the main dance floor ahead of the evening’s shenanigans.

The weekend was made up from all sorts on the Techno Dubfest stage with Hyphen vs SFR, Enough Weapons, Rebel Cleph, Jakobsnake vs Richard The III, Felix Laband, Niskerone, One Track Mike and Till Von Sein with Pierre Estienne returning to Rezonance for another year.

The sun set on 2011 and the crowds grew with every passing hour as we were entertained by the likes of Connecto, Dave Mac, and Chabunk. In no time midnight ticketed over with a brilliant set on the main stage with EMP. The weekend went on to bring us beats and music magic from Zion Linguist, Psyqlopz closing with Headroom on the on the Prism Stage on the last day.

To an outstanding 2012 welcomed in with open arms and a pretty merry time had by all. Wishes of success, good fortune and happiness accompanied by some brilliant music ushered in with smiles, dancing and good times. Another incredible weekend brought to you by Cape Town’s best outdoor options when it comes to quality production and music selection combined. We look forward to seeing more from the combined artists and crews throughout the year.


Author: Jacqueline Freer

For CPT Street Mag & Spark Project

Inrichmint Media Studios

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