Reasons to Use A Broker

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of selling your restaurant, it can be a rather daunting task. Managing the listings, legalities, interested buyers and agreements takes time and effort, a commodity that not many people have. However, letting go of the process and deciding to hand it over to a broker is also not an easy decision to make. Here are 5 reasons why you should use BC Franchising Consultants in the Western Cape when selling your restaurant.

  1. Confidentiality We are in the business of confidentiality. Every restaurant sale we make operates under a strict code of confidentiality. We act on the seller’s behalf, keeping your identity anonymous. This becomes important in cases where you do not wish to have your employees, clients or bank finding out that you are looking to sell prematurely.
  1. Experience Because we have a wealth of experience, we manage sales efficiently and professionally. We are aware of the particular processes, methodology and market for selling your business. We know how to negotiate to ensure that the best asking price is received.
  1. Marketing – We know how to market your business. It takes time and effort to market the sale of your business successfully. Many people selling their restaurants for the first time struggle to find the right places to list their business where their target market will be addressed. For many larger businesses, Gumtree will not be a successful portal. We know how to market each and every establishment in the best light, ensuring that their potential shines. We believe in every business that we sell, if we believe in it then the buyer will believe in it.
  1. Business Continuity  – Selling a business takes months, sometimes even up to a year, it is a full time job. Thus, by allowing us to manage that process, prospective sellers have the opportunity to carry on with the day-to-day running of the business to ensure that turnover stays stable, operations run smoothly and the business reaches it’s full potential.
  1. Market Leaders For those who are still sitting on the fence with regards to using BC Franchising Consultants Western Cape    as your preferred brokerage, here is a little fact to ease your worries: we are the market leaders in South Africa. We have done this before and have many happy clients behind our name. Let us help you sell your business.

Contact Niel Stanford from BC Franchising Consultants today when next you are looking to sell your establishment. Let our experience be your success.

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