Papier Couture

Paper was my favorite objects of entertainment when I was a child. Paper dolls, cardboard cars. I even made myself a pair of sandals by cutting and wrapping paper around my little five-year-old feet. Though my fairytale dream was to become an apparel designer, it was a smooth and easy fit to find my career in graphic design. It is no surprise that mixing my two favourite forms of design, graphic/paper and apparel is my natural evolution.

The newspapers and magazines (like back issues of Vogue) are having a rebirth of sorts. Ask Lia Griffith of Papier Couture and she will tell you what it means to recycle your daily newspaper and those hundreds of magazines that are rendered useless after a round of surfing through the headlines or reading of what they open before you.

Griffith, the graphic-cum-fashion designer is transforming newspapers and mags into wearable art. Recycling is one huge opportunity your newspaper throws open before you. Any doubts on that? We guess these pictures we have posted alongside would minimize your doubts. Griffith has even made herself a pair of sandals by cutting and wrapping paper around her five year-old child’s feet. With fashion design ruling her mind and career thoughts, she was commissioned by Xerox to create a couture gown out of recycled Xerox prints.

As many as 20 paper dresses have already been created and she makes sure they are super duper hits on the ramp and galleries. Wearable art has taken the newsprint route, for sure. Have you tried something of that sort? Tell us about it!


Author: Jacqueline Freer

For Green College Online

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