Open Showrooms at Core Furniture & D-Core

In conjunction with Thursday Late, Core Furniture Concepts as well as the newly launched D-Core Art & Soul Design showroom, will be opening its doors after hours for the public to roam around and experience first-hand the newly imported European furniture and art pieces. Situated opposite each other on Sir Lowry Road, the two showrooms are in perfect walking distance for guests to go between.

 Core Furniture Concepts was established in 2005 as a furniture supplier with the aim to provide quality seating to the hospitality industry. Today Core Furniture Concepts is proud to introduce a new range of high end Italian and Spanish furniture for the South African market. Core Furniture will be displaying unique pieces from brands such as Myyour, Vondom and Varaschin. Each one of these Italian brands is leaders in design, innovation and conceptualization. Each creates and features unique furniture that is both practical and absolutely exquisite.

Launching under the Core umbrella, D-Core Art & Soul Design is a proud importer of some of the most exciting European contemporary & decorative art pieces from our exclusive supplier, the Cobra Art Company. The aim with our unique and exclusive range of art pieces is to enhance your space, creating a unique ambiance. Situated in Buchanan Square, Woodstock, the D-Core showroom will showcase exceptional pieces featuring designs using international award winning photographers and artists. The D-Core product is printed on refined Plexiglas as well as brushed Aluminium, thus creating a unique and inspiring product whilst maintaining affordability. The pieces are constantly updated, creating an exciting showroom experience.

Guests are invited to join us on the evening of 26 March 2015, for a welcome glass of wine and some inspirational art pieces and designer furniture. We will be opening up our doors from 17:00 – 21:00.

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