NLP Coaching

benturrin460Are you ready for some big life changes? Not achieving your maximum capabilities or are you very successful and want to fine tune a couple of things within your life? The Integrative Life Coaching is here to help you. Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is an extremely powerful approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. It describes the dynamics between mind and language and how they affect the body and behaviours. At Integrative Life Coaching we offer NLP to develop mind technology and consciousness. If self-awareness, personal growth and control of your state-of-being is what you are looking for, then NLP is for you.

NLP is a highly sought after service all over the world and is said to be, by many, the most positive and useful tool of modern psychology. As a Master NLP Coach, I take things to the next level. The methods I use are the best and most powerful at making changes in any area of your life that you desire. NLP is an extremely important tool to improve aspects of personal and inter-personal relationships as well as a much better understanding to other peoples feelings and behaviours.

I have discovered through my time working and training in NLP, that when we take a journey, the unconscious mind can truly heal and transform ones whole live. I have integrated new methods and practices into my coaching and while we work on personal development and self discovery through meditation we can achieve real changes within your everyday life as well as better enabling you with your stress management, self belief, assertiveness and confidence.

Universal and life forces that occur in our lives play a major part, these are key to human existence, we can’t comprehend or cant explain the forces, but we know they are present. By rediscovering yourself on this journey, you can become more at one with the universe.

When you put NLP in, you get results and positivity out.

To find out more about the journey of self-discovery through NLP, visit Integrative Life Coaching.


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