Nestè Oil Renewable Diesel

Nestè Oil is a refining and marketing company concentrating on low-emission, high-quality fuels. The end of September brought about a cause for celebration as Nestè Oil in Rotterdam, Netherlands, successfully started Europe’s largest renewable diesel plant.

The production of NExBTL renewable diesel at the Rotterdam plant will be increased on a phased basis, a massive milestone in Nestè Oil’s cleaner traffic strategy and secures the company’s current position as the world leading producer of renewable diesel.

In 2010 Nestè Oil launched a renewable diesel plant in Singapore and two in Provo, Finland in 2007 and 2009 making the new plant in Singapore a welcome addition to the family. Nestè Oil renewable diesel plants have the capacity for NExBTL renewable aviation fuel.

“We’re very proud of the new plant in Rotterdam,” said Nestè Oil’s President, Matti Lievonen. “It will help us meet demand in the European market; the world’s largest for renewable diesel.”

The plant in Rotterdam will use most types of vegetable oil and waste fat in their production of premium renewable diesel and it has the capacity to produce 800,000 t/a increasing Nestè  Oil’s total renewable diesel capacity to 2 million t/a. The plant employs around 150 people at the moment including 110 Nestè Oil employees and 40 external service providers.

Nestè  Oil’s NExBTL renewable diesel is premium fuel compatible with all diesel engines offering excellent performance at low temperatures and can be used blended with conventional fossil diesel or as is while helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-80% compared to fossil diesel and contributes to improving air quality.

Nestè is the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel. The company had net sales of EUR 11.9 billion in 2010 and employs around 5,000 people. Nestè Oil’s share is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. The company is featured in The Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable corporations; and Forest Footprint Disclosure (FFD) has ranked Nestè Oil as the best performer in the oil & gas sector. Nestè Oil has been selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and is also featured in the Ethibel Excellence investment register.

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Author: Jacqueline Freer

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