Most Successful Restaurant Website Ideas

Most restaurant owners assume that they have a basic idea of what their customer want in a quality website, or they are simply at a loss when it comes to designing the perfect website. However, designing a welcoming and exciting website can be less complicated than what you may expect. The main point is to make it as accessible as possible, for the user and designer alike. Websites have to be easy to navigate for pc users and especially smartphone and tablet users. It does not have to be over the top to make a good impression. Less is more and with the right information and right look, you can entice new customers to come for dinner in addition to keeping your regular customer base happy.

In addition to simplicity, information such as directions, dress code, operation hours, wheelchair- accessibility and up to date price lists are highly important information. Create a map to show your customers how convenient and easy it is to find your restaurant. This will win you points hands down. Especially with patrons from out of town. Also make sure to update with the latest specials and happy hours. Try to include features such as online ordering and reservations to make it increasingly convenient for your customer.

Brochure style websites, although seemingly a good idea, take too long to load. Use authentic picture/photos of the food and location to avoid false advertising. Your menu will be one of the most powerful marketing tools you have and is essential to a cleverly designed website. Focus on a menu that is easily displayed especially on smartphones.

Show off your restaurant a little by adding the best reviews on food and wine or any special events you have hosted. Be sure to include pictures and names where appropriate to market your business in the most positive and effective light as possible. At the end of the day, user friendliness is the most essential information for your restuarants website.

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