The Modern Chivalry Debate

Modern society has brought to the surface the debate of equality vs chivalry. Do equal women’s rights call for the setting aside of chivalry and being a gentleman? Does the modern world still need the age-old ideals and traditions of a time long gone?

I can’t count how many times I have been caught in the modern chivalry debate with both men and women from across the globe, there is a range of views. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the matter, including me. So, let me share mine.

Being a gentleman and having good manners don’t have a single thing to do with the equality of men and women. In fact, as a man, chivalry shows openmindedness, good breeding, self-respect, and respect for the world around you. It does not make a man to adopt sexist views, belittle a woman, treat them as less than, or objectify them. Treating a woman like a lady and with sincere respect only commands a higher respect for you and what you do.

A woman is capable of doing just about anything that a man can do, and in many cases, they go above and beyond and do so much more. I believe that women are due the respect and little acts of chivalry for being so amazing. More often than not women juggle careers, kids, social, and love life being the organiser and operator for the entire family or partnership. It is no longer the case that the majority of households have the man as the breadwinner, in more and more households across the globe women have equal earning and career opportunities with many women employed in senior positions and running companies.

I’m not the cooking and cleaning wife while he is the handyman. We share responsibilities, household chores, and expenses. If we can do this, can go for the same career opportunities, raise children together, we can treat each other with equal respect. A gentleman with stellar manners supporting the goals and dreams of his partners treating his woman like queen only puts him above the rest. It really is as simple as that. What it really comes down to is not that men and women have the same opportunities or responsibilities, that they often take on more in the home and work environment, take on the bulk of the  responsibilities with the kids it is because if she treats you like a king, challenges you, and respects you, the least a man can do it show her the chivalry she is due.

The nature of chivalry has changed, the concept is no longer stuck in the middle ages. Modern chivalry works in a slightly different way because the role of women in society, in the community, and at home has changed. Modern women in the majority of countries are granted the same opportunities as men. In a modern world, the man who decides to make himself more in the eyes of any woman, both professionally and personally, is with chivalry and not because he is trying to be a knight in shining armor but because he is trying to be the better man and that putting power in this hands whether he is single, dating, married, her boss, brother or line manager. Modern chivalry is not based on it being expected of a man, it is not for keeping up appearances, it is simply because he can and it makes him the better man. It is no longer a romantic notion alone, it makes for the stronger modern man who respects women as equals.

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