Mercedes-Benz M-Guard

Beneath the auto armor of the new M-Guard is a sophisticated accident assistance system that protects driver and occupants in the event of an emergency. The M-Guard will automatically analyse dangerous situation and provide autonomous assistance in critical driving conditions. However if an accident does occur, the M-Guard has a variety of protection systems designed to minimize injury to the vehicle’s occupants.


Depending on the severity of the crash, airbags are activated accordingly, with standard front airbags for head-on crashes for the driver and front passenger, supplemented by a combination of thorax and pelvis side bags. Drivers are also protected by a knee bag to prevent impact with the dashboard, which is deployed depending on the severity of the accident. Sidebags are also available for the back seat, in addition to window bags that expand like a curtain to protect rear passengers. Electric impulses are fired to an ignition capsule, lighting a solid fuel, the gasses of which then fills the airbags.

Absorbing Impact

The new range of armoured vehicles’ bodies are designed to absorb impact, providing a stable passenger area that is separate from the crumple zones. The steering column can bend up to 10cm during a frontal collision, creating more space for the driver. The entire structure of the under-body is elevated 25cm above most other passenger cars, meaning that during a side impact passengers will be sitting above the impact zone. The structure of the car is robust with powerful side walls, designed to withstand damage and minimize the impact on the occupants.


After analysing the severity of the accident, M-Guard can automatically turn off the engine and fuel supply if it deems them a hazard to the occupants. It will also initiate rescue lighting, activating hazard warning and emergency lights, making the car easily identifiable for rescuers and reducing the likelihood of further accident. The M-Guard can also unlock the doors automatically, allowing occupants to escape more easily.

The M-Guard has also been designed to allow for quick and effective rescue, with integrated crash joints between the wing and the door allowing the doors to be removed or opened easily in the event of a front accident. It can also be fitted with Mercedes-Benz’s innovative Digital Rescue Cards. Prior to Mercedes-Benz these cards rescuers had to physically pull back plastic to determine where to cut into the vehicle, examining the liner for key structural elements (such as airbags or batteries) that could endanger the rescue effort. With the digital rescue card, rescuers scan a QR code to quickly see vehicle information, assisting with safe rescue.


The new M-Guard’s auto armor is complemented by a substantial range of safety features which combine to minimize the impact on both driver and passengers in the event of an accident. The advantage of many of these systems is that they require no attention from the driver themselves and are all completely automated, making the safety of the new range of armoured vehicles both a comfort and a pleasure from a driving perspective.

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