Make Your Own Fairy Light Tree Decor

Fairy Lights: You can’t make fairy light trees without fairy lights. Decide what kind of fairy lights you would like to use. You could choose from copper or silver fine wire lights or white strings. The perfect place in Cape Town to buy affordable fairy lights in singles or bulk is The In Thing.

Tree Branches: Branches with blooms and leaves make for amazing centerpieces. Dried branches can be used for both temporary features or permanent decor and fixtures. Wait for winter to cut them if you want them dry and wait for them to bloom in the spring or the summer for flowers and greens.

Spray Paint: If you aren’t going with real blooms and foliage or with the natural untouched wood then you could spray your dried branches. White, metallic colours, dark and pastel shades all work very well – a vibrant splash to match your colour scheme can add that little something special.

Decor Details: If you want your trees with extra detail, and taking their function into consideration, you could add strings of pearls or crystal beads, Christmas decorations, or silver chain. You could sprinkle and cover your branches in crystal garlands, coloured sand, crushed shells, or glass beads.

Container: There are tons of options depending on your theme and the purpose from hessian bags, glass bottles, and jars, to vases, tins, planters, and milk cans. Your branches and decor aren’t going to stand by itself. A fairy light tree needs some sort of container to keep it up right.

Gravel or Sand: It is totally optional but it is recommended that you use a filler for your containers both to keep your branches in place and to give your container added weight. If your container is transparent you could use coloured stones or layers of natural tones.

Buy Your Fairy Lights from The In Thing

The In Thing based in the Mother City of Cape Town has amazing products for events, parties, and home decor. Amongst the treasure on the shelves at The In Thing you will find a range of fairy lights which will be perfect for your wedding day. Whether you just need a touch of light ambiance or if you want your evening to be dazzled with fairy lights The In Thing has the very thing for you. Visit The In Thing Online Store and select from a range of stunning fairy lights for your wedding including wire lights that are easy to manipulate & keep their shape but can be gently straightened out again with ease.

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