Lyoness Loyalty Savings at Raith

Lyoness (Raith Gourmet) Loyal Program, Cash Back, Shopping Points (Blog)Did you know that Raith Gourmet is a Lyoness loyalty partner? Lyoness believes that shopping should be fun and that’s why Lyoness, as a global Shopping Community, offers shopping opportunities to suit everyone. Here’s some fantastic insight into the brilliant Lyoness loyalty program. 

Lyoness was first established as a business in 2003 focusing on becoming a leading global and multi-sector Shopping Community for consumers. The company is now active with approximately 1,000 employees in 46 markets worldwide, and currently has over 4,5 million Members who receive exclusive shopping Benefits.

Lyoness has an unbelievably awesome network of chain stores, small and medium-sized enterprises, and online Loyalty Merchants that enable Members to benefit from shopping in every sector, all over the world. Members have the chance to use the Cashback Benefit and collect attractive Shopping Points at more than 47,000 Loyalty Merchants and at over 250,000 Cashback Points worldwide.

It’s so simple: Show your Cashback Card at the checkout at the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant when you pay and you will receive your Cashback and Shopping Points. Use it as you would any other loyalty card. However, with the Lyoness Cashback Card you receive more: money back with every purchase and your Shopping Points.

So, how you become a member? You can find Lyoness Loyalty Merchants that accept the Cashback Card at any time on the Lyoness website. With the Loyalty Merchant Search you can find Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants by filtering your search, and you can see at a glance where you can use your Cashback Card to receive your Cashback and Shopping Points. Sign up in store at Raith Gourmet or online.

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