K4K Hits 200 In 1 Week

The Kilimanjaro 4 Kids Facebook fan page was brought to life this week joining our Facebook group forum in the online space. It makes management easier and it makes keeping volunteers, fans and followers informed. With this decision, we started moving house a week ago and have already hit 200 “Likes” on our page. You guys truly rock. If it wasn’t for the power of the internet that reaches so many incredible individuals who are driven by purpose then this would all be in vein. We are so blessed to find ourselves with hands held open in the offering of services and lending of ears as interests are aroused.

We urge you to assist us in spreading the word. Share posts, follow us and check out the latest news. See what fundraising events we are running and get on board. Get involved in a worthwhile initiative and do your share in preserving the planet for our children while we look at ways in which we can help those less fortunate. We have waited such a long time to see this project gain momentum, and with slight tweaks in the project plan and the way that we had envisioned the initiative working we are able to see magnificent results.

The Kilimanjaro 4 Kids project is an Inrichmint Recordings and Media Studios (Freer Productions) initiative. Inrichmint looks at how we can become part of community development and joins forces in fighting environmental issues.

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Author: Jacqueline Freer

For Inrichmint Initiative

Inrichmint Media Studio

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