Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

hypnotheraphyDo you have habits in your life you would like to change? Do you have fears, phobias or health issues holding you back? Are you searching for emotional freedom and personal development? Do you want an effective, non-medicinal treatment with proven results and a high success rate? If so, then hypnotherapy is the ideal treatment for you.

Hypnotherapy is a safe altered state of consciousness, like meditation, it relaxes you and concentrates on your mind allowing you to fulfil personal ambitions and goals. Although historically controversial, most doctors would agree it is a strong and useful technique used to treat a wide range of issues from smoking and eating habits, to fears and phobias, to bed wetting and anxiety attacks. Nowadays, it is realised that breathing and relaxation helps stress/anxiety management.

Integrative Life Coaching helps our clients and patients to become very relaxed so we are able to explore issues in the unconscious mind that may be otherwise unavailable while the client is in a normal conscious state. Within everyone we have more than we know consciously know, our negative thoughts will be transformed and it will enable your issues to be resolved. It is important to remember that you are in control and you cant be made to do anything, the hypnotherapist is only allowing the transformations that are desired by yourself.

Hypnosis is used to cause a subconscious change in the client/patient causing heightened responsiveness. It has been proven that only 5% of the data going round our brain is coming from our senses, so 95% of what is going on us actually happening internally. This means, for us to achieve great changes, we need to tap into the unconscious to achieve the best possible changes on a deeper level, meaning your issues are tackled at the root of the problem.

Ready to tackle issues or habits that are holding you back?

Act now, for a better, healthier future.

To find out more about the Hypnotherapy, visit theĀ Integrative Life Coaching website.

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