How To & Why Have a Yard Sale

The first question, for many, would be “why would I have a yard sale?”. You’ll be happy to know, there is a method to the madness and no one answer. There are a number of good reasons to host a yard sale including that it is an amazing excuse to make the most of a spring cleaning opportunity, you can turn your junk into cash, and it gives you an excuse to enjoy a few glasses of wine or a couple of cold ones while shooting the shit and having a laugh. Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday.

Make The Most of Spring Cleaning Season: Spring has sprung and the grass has riz, it’s the best time to do your cupboard and hidden corner cleaning to clear out that stuff collecting dust. Make the most of the early warmer days of the season and enjoy the first taste of summer. There’s nothing like hanging in the garden and soaking up some rays, even better if you have a pool. A yard sale pool party is a span of fun and a great way to welcome in spring. No pool? No problem. There are ways to add extra fun. A little dress up goes a long way. A Rockabilly theme as the perfect play.

Make a Little Extra Piggy Bank Dosh: Everyone not made of money can use the extra cash. Whether you are saving for a weekend away, a holiday, a family break, a special treat for the kids, a new outfit, a trending toy, or you’re simply just saving, selling your bits and pieces at a yard sale will bring you one step closer to your savings goal. Even if you’re not actually saving you could make extra bucks for beers and a braai.

Hang Out with Your Favourite People: Humans are social creatures by nature and most of us don’t need an excuse to hang out with our friends for a little productive fun. And honestly, you cant have a yard sale without people. Keep in mind the size of your garden and home so you know how many people you can host and comfortably accommodate with all the jumble to be sold and party gear before sending you your invites. A yard sale is a great excuse to bring your favourite people together. Spend invites to friends you know that would be keen on participating.

Double Up with a BBQ & Bath of Beers: A good yard sale comes with food and drinks. Get your guests to bring their own for a BBQ and drinks. Put out loads of ice to keep beers and booze cold, an old bath filled with ice makes an awesome addition to any yard sale and prevents the problem of not having space in the fridge for drinks. A braai and a yard sale is the perfect way to spend an afternoon over the weekend or a public holiday.

One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure: It might be trash to you but someone else might think it would make for an amazing addition to their life. No need to throw it on the rubbish heap, make the most of the concept and try finding your junk a new home. From tables and chairs to appliances, books, and records, you really could sell just about anything at a yard sale. Think of it as recycling with the benefit of extra cash for your trash.

Share The Affair & Let Guests Bring Their Junk: Rather than running a solo yard sale invite your guests to do their own spring cleaning and bring along their junk to barter, trade, and sell. This way everyone wins, it means that your guests can fully engage and get involved, it adds a sense of fun for everyone.

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