Hermanus Whale Festival

Visitors to South Africa would be missing out if they miss the Hermanus Whale Festival and locals who have not been don’t know what they’re missing. This is your chance to see some of the world’s most amazing creatures in a festival dedicated to their existence. The opportunity to view whales in their natural habitat is one that you won’t forget, especially as their numbers dwindle.

Enjoy the chance to view these creatures dancing and showing off along the cliff walk which is already equipped with viewing points and traveller information. Hermanus whale watching is world renowned and attracts hundreds of visitors to the area year after year.

During The Day

Visitors to the festival can enjoy some excellent food and music from the locals. The Checkers Food Marquee will also be housed in a venue and offering visitors everything from casual, to gourmet dishes and a warm and inviting atmosphere. Visit some of the local restaurants located near the viewing points including Europa, Dutchies and Amigo’s Cantina. In the spirit of catering for a wide audience enjoying the Hermanus whale watching, visitors will even be able to see the phantom of the Opera showcased during this time.

General Activities & Local Attractions

The Whale half marathon takes place during the festival. Participants are encouraged to take part and raising funds. The unique and one of a kind Village Square pageant is a beauty pageant for both the guys and girls. There is real prize money at stake here so it’s worth getting your entries in for bit of fun and the chance to win some cash.

Getting Tickets

Tickets for the Hermanus Whale Festival will be available from the website or at the gate. You can sign up to receive information about when tickets go on sale, as well as the itinerary and other important travellers information by signing up to receive the festival’s newsletter. This can be done via the website by simply giving the festival them your email address.

According to the organisers the festival will continue to grow with plans to include more events around the Hermanus area. These festivities should go into the school holidays making it the perfect activity for families looking to spend quality time together in a fun and educational way.

Getting There 

It’s easy to get to the festival from Cape Town. All you need to do is take the N2; you will be choosing the ramp that’s labelled Somerset West. From the Cape Town International Airport follow the N2 to Settlers way. Head straight onto the freeway until road signs will guide you into Hermanus where you free enjoy the Hermanus whale watching festival in all its glory.

Travelling Information for Tourists

For those that are in need of a vehicle hire Drive South Africa offers a range of options. There is a wide selection of available vehicles from cars to campers. Take advantage of premier vehicles that will get you to the festival in style by hiring for the duration of your stay.

Guided tours can be arranged where professionals will get you to your destination however, exploring the area for yourself can be a rich and rewarding experience, especially as it the festival is not difficult to find and will take you through strand and over Ou Kaaps se Weg at the initial stages of your journey.

This way you’ll be able to view the long stretch of ocean in Gordon’s Bay as you set out from Somerset West. If you aren’t used to the African sun, be sure to equip yourself with sunscreen, hats and even umbrellas, as there is little covering along the viewing walks in.

The Hermanus Whale Festival promises to be another success as it has always been in the previous years. View some of the world’s most rare, magnificent creatures of the deep while enjoying this quaint little town with its unique coastal atmosphere and friendly hospitality.


Author: Jacqueline Freer

Inrichmint Media Studio

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