Gourmet Burger – Living Up To The Name

inpressOn a visit to Raith Gourmet, you are sure to struggle with what to pick to eat. While you sit and peruse the menu on the terrace in the afternoon sun, with the stunning mountainous backdrop and gorgeous trickling water fountain, you will see a steady stream of people visiting Raith Gourmet and many leaving with their takeaway boxes ready to have some delights at home. If you are looking for something great to eat, something you know, the Gourmet burger is a great choice and gourmet, it truly is.

Your preference between grilled chicken or succulent beef is the decision you must make, both delightful. Should you choose beef, you will find yourself about to devour the most succulent beef patty you have ever stumbled across on a sunny lunchtime. A beef patty so thick and juicy that you will have to really think carefully about how to take your first delicious bite. Delicately placed under your burger, ripe, perfectly seasoned avocado slices are found to give your burger that something special. The gourmet burger is a cheese filled wonder, but not just any cheese, no cheese slice here, it comes with some of Raith Gourmet freshly grated cheddar cheese, piled high on top of delicious caramelised onions, oozing out the side of your burger, glistening in the sun. All of this is served on a bed of salad. And by salad, we are not talking the usual slice of tomato and small piece of lettuce; this burger is stuffed with big juicy slice upon slice of tomatoes and a stack of crisp, fresh lettuce. You are then allowed the choice of side salad or fries with your burger, like most people, if you’re having a big juicy burger; you are going to the max and treating yourself to fries also. You will never feel like you’ve been given a half portion of fries, when your meal arrives at the table, the fries are nearly piled as high as the delicious Raith Gourmet Burger, and you have to see it to believe how high a burger can proudly stand.

If you are looking for arguably the best burger in the Western Cape, head out to High Constantia and visit Raith Gourmet, let them live up to their name and serve you a burger that truly is gourmet.

Visit the Raith Gourmet website for more information.

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