The Big Sock Story ’14

With just under 67 days to go, it’s time to start thinking about your good deed for the upcoming International Mandela Day. The Big Sock Story is excited to once again do our part on the 18th of July by handing out 670 pairs of socks to the homeless as well as other sponsored goods and smiles. With the recent passing of Madiba, it’s only fitting that we make an extra effort to celebrate all that he did for our country over his 67 years of freedom fighting and dedication.

Mandela Day comes around right in the middle of the South African winter, and the nights get especially cold. The homeless are in need of warmth and socks are something that they desperately need. By donating socks, clothes, coffee and other goods, we can give back to the community in a valuable and significant way by helping others through the cold nights of winter.

It was from this sentiment that The Big Sock Story was started in 2013 by Inrichmint Media Studios. Running for the second time, The Big Sock Story is in partnership with Impahla Clothing, Wonga and previously Truth Coffee. This year we plan to make it an even bigger event as we hit the streets of Cape Town with more sponsors to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Help us make The Big Sock Story 2014 an event to remember through sponsorship, volunteer work or getting involved in any way possible. By donating things like warm drinks, food items or anything else that could contribute to the lives of the homeless, you can make a difference this Mandela Day. Don’t miss out of the opportunity to make a difference with Inrichmint Media and The Big Sock Story!

Get involved by contacting Inrichmint Media via email on or by calling 021 839 4501/02.

The Big Sock Story

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