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10590574_941997125812427_8835168983678530290_nEvery business owner understands the importance of investment, especially when it comes to systems which are assets to optimally running your business. In particular, the point of sale software in any business is the backbone of many operations, and a good one can be used as much more than a front of house till. Training and good knowledge of the software and systems are also key assets in any position, offering the opportunity to achieve maximum results.

Knowledge truly is power in business, and SPACEbiz is a forward thinking company who realise this and want to show you how to get the most out of your software so that your business can achieve optimal success.

With over 7 years of experience in extensive development of restaurant brands, SPACEbiz is proud to offer our clients in depth courses in restaurant management, integrated with our incredible POS software which offers clients a POS front of house till as well as extensive system tools such as detailed stock management, cost controls, reporting, auditing and fault finding.

If you are having trouble with your stock and would like better controls, or if you are spending too much on accounting, it could be time to consider learning how to implement your SPACEbiz software to its fullest potential. Now it is possible to learn about the system so you can get accurate reports and the detailed information you want about your business.

Our new Enterprize course, “Effective Stock Management”, covers everything owners, managers and stock controllers need to know about the SPACEbiz stock management systems. Firstly, we will tackle actual stock and how it is different to variance stock, as well as pre stock checklists including GRV’s, why they are important and how to capture the relevant information accurately. We will present a full understanding of SPACEbiz stock features such as stock sheets, reporting, calculating sales and usage and configuring SPACEbiz for variance stock takings.

This course is truly in depth and unlike our Introductory SPACEbiz course, takes place over a period of two full days with a group of up to twelve delegates.

We want to help our client in becoming leaders in the field. Contact us for more information about our regularly offered training courses.

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