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1860 Frette

Edmond Frette, Charles Chaboud and Alexandre Payre established “Frette, Payre & Chaboud” in 1860 in Grenoble. Charles became the financial officer while Alexandre and Edmond took the roles of travelling merchants.  Between 1862 and 1863, Edmond Frette arrived in Monza where a new branch of the company was established and relocated to Concorezzo, Italy in 1865. In 1881 Frette won the Gold Medal Award at the National Exhibition in Milan for the quality of its products and in that year became an official Provider to the Royal House. Frette opened a store in Rome in 1887 and, shortly later, in Turin in 1889.

Frette later opened stores in Genoa in 1902 and Florence in 1904. In 1999, the descendants of the company’s founders ceded the company to an Italian fashion group. Today, after more than two centuries, Frette is headquartered in Monza, Italy.

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