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Inrichmint Media Studios under Freer Productions launched the first phase of a long term plan in building what is to become the Freer DELMA College. Freer DELMA College is a division of Freer Productions and works in conjunction with its sister division Inrichmint Media in providing world class online marketing coaching to business owners, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. Spend 3 days with Jacqueline Freer, founder and MD of Freer Productions, and learn how to better manage your business and brand online.

Content is focused on best practice and international industry standards offering the value of real experience. We coach you about online marketing, reputation management, measurement, reporting and management offering a practical approach by becoming familiar with the tools and using the platforms to learn.

We offer various coaching options during the working week, executive weekend think tank options and marketing team building weekend getaways. All executive weekend think tanks are tailored to the client’s specifications, requirements and needs.

Rates include meals, teas, self-study material, conference pack and private consulting and a networking dinner on the first evening. Group discounts apply.

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