The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing

Gone are the days where letter writing is a part of daily life. From the middle ages with notes passed from courtier to courtier through to the eighties with people hanging on the garden gate waiting for the postman. In today’s world, the invention of email has, sadly, made handwritten letter writing a thing of the past.

Letter writing has been replaced by the text message and the development of the phone which made instant communication possible. News no longer takes days, weeks, or months to reach the reader but by picking up a phone or sending an email the latest can be relayed and information attained at the click of a button.

One of the attractions to the art of letter writing, other than communicating thoughts and feelings, is the opportunity presented for the pure expression of self and thinking through what you say. It is the uninterrupted communication where the writer puts extra effort into the meaning and the reader can take their time to take in what is said. There is a romantic notion associated with handwritten letters, it’s more personal than that which comes from the tapping of a keyboard.

Handwritten letters take time, especially if you want them to be flawless. Taking your time means you are able to be creative and say things in a way that brings the words on the page to life. You are able to say what needs to be said with thought behind each and every word. From poetry to heartfelt letters of devotion, from sympathy to love and emotion, personal handwritten letters give writers and readers alike to chance share experiences. The act of letter writing can bring people closer and clear the air, it can clarify, and it can capture the imagination through storytelling and the sharing of life’s adventures.

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