Folking Poetry at The Blend

Walt Disney believed that storytellers restore order through imagination. There is no doubt that both music and poetry are forms of storytelling and are very closely connected. Both art forms are wildly creative and require imagination to create, perform and, very often, fully understand. Folking Poetry, launching on the 15th of October at The Blend on Roeland Street, provides the platform for skilled writers and talented musicians to perform and to showcase their work in front of fantastic Mother City audience. It’s the opportunity for amateurs and professionals to join forces in the name of fun, food, music and good times.

The Blend is located in one of Cape Town’s trendy design districts based in the CBD the venue gives one the sense of being in a classic New York local coffee stop. Folking Poetry is an open mic music and poetry night presenting a fusion of verse and music, launching at The Blend, 79 Roeland Street, on Thursday the 15th of October 2015 from 5:30pm. The perfect prework or lunch time stop in, for this event it counts as a great after work option.

The Folking Poetry open mic night at The Blend on Roeland Street promises to be a great evening for all who attend and participate with the likes of great giveaways, prizes, tasters, poetry and performances on the agenda. The Blend will run a cash kitchen and bar, the coffee bar will be running for those who prefer some quality java.

We have a number of fantastic newcomers and professional performers lined up at The Blend to sing the night away and present you with the great gift of spoken word. Poets and performers are asked to email to secure your slot should you are interested in sharing a song or two or performing the perfect piece of writing.

Join us for an evening of Folking Poetry launching at The Blend, 79 Roeland Street, Cape Town, CBD from 5:30 for 6:00. Free entry to the open mic music and poetry night with your RSVP on Facebook or by email to

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