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Bronze Age, The Foundry South Africa is well into Spring with hotter days and warmer nights. Excitement is in the air as the summer months draw in closer. Events are becoming more frequent and we are looking around at what to do and what to see this season. We really are spoilt for choice in Cape Town, with so much on offer there is difficult to decide on what to do and what to see. In October Inrichmint was invited to an open studios evening and paid a visit to Bronze Age.

It is always such a huge pleasure to explore Cape Town’s more creative side by spending time in art museums and galleries, encountering the gems, hidden art works, treasures and metal work masters that make the art world come alive. It is even more fantastic when the experience exceeds expectation, as was the case with Bronze Age at The Foundry right in the heart of Woodstock.

We started at The Foundry door where we found roaring fires ablaze in the forge and manned by smiths and artists busy making the wares for sale on the gallery and studio floor just a few steps away. Walking through we encountered work stations and were able to take a sneak peak of amazing pieces, perhaps works of art still in progress. We walked through a set of doors and onto the gallery floor. The Bronze Age showcases some of The Mother City’s most incredible bronze and precious metal sculptures, all adding to the vibe that surrounds The Foundry.

Bronze Age at The Foundry, WoodstockThe Bronze Age foundry and gallery is one of the city’s many awesome stops. If it is art you’re after with contemporary pieces that bring metal to life then exploring the Bronze Age will be well worth the time spent. The centre courtyard area of The Foundry is lined with amazing pieces on display from the Bronze Age. They are intricate and amazingly well made, while they really lend themselves to the space and play into the creative environment.

If you are looking for a true creative fix then a visit to The Foundry and a stop in to explore the Bronze Age is something you simply need to add to your “To Do” list this summer. If you have the opportunity to attend a studio event, snatch it up since the atmosphere is awesome and it does come highly recommended. Compliment the experience with a fantastic cup of coffee at the infamous Tribe or a delicious Mexican bite to eat at Fat Cactus, both a real treat and a true favourite amongst the Mother City locals.

The Foundry, Bronze AgePhoto Credit: Jacqueline Freer

Written by Jacqueline Freer
Inrichmint Media Studios

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