Explaining Urban Culture

Living in a city, especially one as socially and culturally diverse as Cape Town, we experience elements of urban culture daily, through personal interactions with our environment. In the CBD, you cannot help but feel the history in the cobblestones you walk on, it almost engulfs you in those tall buildings and narrow streets, with the gargoyles atop patiently watching time pass.

The history of the country and region, and all the people who have settled there, are important factors in the equation of the cultural complexity of the urban dwellers lifestyle. Cape Town, with the CBD in particular, holds so much history in defining our country as it is today. Our South African culture is a beautiful amalgamation and is readily celebrated in the Mother City. Bree Street is currently a cultural melting pot, celebrating the urban culture and all that comes with it.

Always growing, the Bree street strip boasts many a bistro, but at the heart of it all lays The B@1 Urban Café. Unpretentious and inviting, the décor has minimalist comfort with just the right touches. Black and white chequered flooring gives you that old school diner feel, and the lighting and airy ambience give you a sense of calm while still being in the middle of the urban storm.

In the local as well as global cultural and social evolution, trends are always changing and this is especially apparent and important in the urban culture. With many events happening in the city almost every day, there is something for everyone. For the art and lifestyle trend enthusiasts or pretty much anyone who enjoys a craft beer draft and good company there are numerous wonderful opportunities to experience the local vibe.

Within the daily hustle of the city and its inhabitants, from the managing directors to general managers, brokers to bakers, artists to architects, all need to remember to take the time to “be at one” with yourself and take some time to reflect and relax. Enjoy a brunch or lunch and take the time to watch the city move. Be at one with your environment and your present state.

The B@1 Urban Café is just the place to unwind or just grab a coffee and croissant – always a breath of fresh air amidst the inner city chaos. The owner, Kirk, will soon be greeting you by name and the service and food are having serious competition trying to out shine each other. Always open minded, there is something for everyone on the bistro style menu, including banting options.

On 22 Bree Street there is guaranteed genuinely friendly service, amazing food made with only the best ingredients, and the opportunity to take a moment to be at one.

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