European Trends for Core Furniture

Situated in Kramerville, Johannesburg, Core Furniture has operated as a specialist-seating supplier of predominantly Asian manufactured furniture to the hospitality industry since 2005.

The successful addition of Spanish manufacturer VONDOM in 2012 however was the 1st step into also providing a high end product to clients looking for innovative and up to the minute product.

Today Core Furniture is proud to announce the addition of two additional European Brands, both being Italian and both being leaders in their field of design and creativity.

Meet our Brands:


Myyour is a relatively new Italian company but already made its mark by winning the European Design Award in 2013 and 2014. With a team of highly dedicated and well known designers such as Valerio Cometti, Massimo Zaniboni and many others, Myyour has showcased to the world its artistic expression in innovative furniture and accessory design. Myyour’s unique and definitive furniture and decor concepts (such as the incredible Penelope) are designed to work in perfect unison with its environment, creating an atmosphere of spatial harmony and innovation.

Varaschin was first established in 1969 in Italy when Ugo Varaschin began working on wicker and rattan for outdoor furniture. Soon, however, his simplistic design was transformed to include geometric architecture and with the input from various internationally acclaimed designers, the Brand of Veraschin had changed forever. Ancient craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions form the basis of Varaschin today, showcasing an all encompassing range of harmonious outdoor and indoor furniture, each piece an art-form in its own right.

Vondom is a very well established Spanish manufacturer of high quality polyurethane product, having started of supplying flower pots and garden accessories some 30 years ago. Then in 2005 the company decided to embark on their real passion: Design

Since then VONDOM has been reborn into a young, innovative and dynamic furniture brand, a leader in design, manufacturing and commercialization of avant-garde indoor and outdoor furniture. Close collaborates with designers the likes of Stefano Giovanni, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, A-cero as well as Ramon Esteve ensured that VONDOM stays at the forefront of European design, offering its  clients unique and exclusive furniture to their homes and spaces

We are very excited to have been appointed the exclusive distributors of these fantastic Brands and look forward to introducing their product to the South African Connoisseur.

For more information on the pieces, costs as well as availability please contact the Core Furniture Head Office on 27 21 461 9078 or email us on

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